Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Moving Day!!

We moved last Saturday. Thomas, Luribel and Luigi were there early with their vans to help us and Amy came with her truck for the heavy furniture and beds. Thank you guys God bless you for your help. The kids fixed their room fast and we fixed ours to be able to sleep in the house that night. Everything is working just fine. Our patio set is beautiful. We needed curtains so we had no privacy until next day. The garage is full of stuffs and it looks like it will take some time to have everything in place. The dryer power cord needs to be replaced, we need to replace our lights bulbs for daylight saving ones. Our favorite place is Homedepot, I spent lots of time there. I even bought my refrigerator there, they gave me a 10% discount and free shipping and it will be here on Wednesday. Teresa is learning how to use the dishwasher and I am learning how to use the cable. We have met some neighbors and they look very happy with their homes too. If someone is going to build, I suggest not to use linoleum floor, it breaks some easily if something falls or if you move heavy stuffs.

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